Street Art



This tour is a walk through Zurich’s most interesting, most accessible art. As we wend our way through parts of Zurich that most visitors will not normally get to know, I’ll point out the work that embellishes or defaces the buildings of Zurich, from illegal graffiti and tags to established, commissioned art in a public space. Either way, you'll leave Zurich with a different perspective.

The tour will take about 2 hours and you should be ready to do quite a bit of walking.


Meeting point: Zurich's main station (HB) under the big multi-coloured angel in the main hall.

The tour can be adapted to your personal schedule and preferences.


Price per individual person: Fr. 80.--

Price for a group of up to four persons:

Fr. 130.--

Price for 5 to 9 persons:

Fr. 190.--

10 persons and more:

Fr. 250.--