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1 day

1 tour

3 countries

Switzerland + Austria + Liechtenstein

Get to know amazing places in three different countries:

... visit a chocolate factory in the hills of St. Gallen, Switzerland

... view and lunch over the lake of Constance, Austria

...tour of Vaduz, capital of tiny Liechtenstein

​in just one tour

in 10 hours



on a hike with me

I love to hike.

Wherever I am, I get to know about the place by putting on my shoes and going outside. Switzerland has over 65’000km of signposted trails (compared to 71’000km paved roads).

Switzerland offers fantastic possibilities. Within less than an hour from Zurich there are great possibilities for beginners and experienced hikers.


Get in touch and let's design a hiking tour for you with or without a guide. 

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